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Art kitchen brings to you a celebration of good food by recreating in exquisite detail, an assortment of dishes befitting a royal audience. There is a huge inclusion of food in all of our lives and this is what I, Aditti Ahluwalia, intend to explore as I take you on a trail of a myriad culinary experience.

These are recipes, tried and tested over the years, learnt from the masters.

I try and keep the tastes simple and encourage the use of locally available ingredients, to keep your food journey bump free.

My trail essentially began ( now I think ) when I was still very young, back home in Patiala, Punjab, where I had the privilege to be fed the most delectable meals ever by my doting grandmother.

Her love so deep for us translated beautifully into the meals that she prepared each day, day after day, for as long as she could. She initiated me into the exotic world of food, not just any food, but truly good food and introduced me to the everlasting comforts of the kitchen sights and smells. And slowly the lessons learnt from her and through her is what has given me the confidence to take my cooking skills to another level.

And just not her, most of the women in my family are exceptional in their cooking skills, be it my mother ( whose karela/ daliya/ gajar ka halwa no one can replicate) and my sister Akanksha ( everything she touches turns into gold literally when it comes to food ).

So I believe that in a way good food is in our DNA.

Professionally, I have been the chief instructor and franchisee for Nita Mehta Culinary Academy in Gurgaon from 2008-2011 and during this tenure there is a certain finesse that I have acquired in my cooking skills thanks to the magnificent lady and cookbook author Nita Mehta.

I really do wish to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the times that she has extended her generosity in teaching us her recipes and it is only after working with her and for her that my horizon has widened so much more.

Thank you Nita Ma’am.

Through ART KITCHEN we provide decadently delicious food for any celebration or event.

I also undertake cooking classes, in small personalized batches, where I recreate my recipes so that my students get a first hand visual as well as tasting experience of all the dishes taught.

I have authored a promotional cookbook for Dalmia Continental for their huge range of products, right from olives to olive oils to pastas etc. I hope to write many more cookbooks in my lifetime.

From ever since I remember I am dependent on my to- do lists for almost everything.

I am almost dysfunctional without them and it has also caused me to be at the receiving end of a lot of leg pulling by my children.

I love grocery shopping…my daughter says I should take it up as a profession.

And of course I have a huge collection of cookbooks which keeps piling up.

Amongst the things that I love to do, besides eating is, writing, travelling to the far and beautiful but happy bustling places, learning new and new things about the Occult, shopping for just about anything and listening to good music.

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